Why Does Microsoft Makes It Harder To Disable Ms Antivirus Program?

It appears that Microsoft company makes it harder to disable Windows anti virus software. Lately we submitted an article about how precisely to erase a virus from your computer. In that content we mentioned how to take away the virus and then run full version of antivirus scan to see if the pathogen is still on your computer. We likewise discussed the way to get rid of false antivirus security software software programs that install themselves on your computer without your knowledge.

Well, Microsoft’s antivirus computer software does more than just remove infections from your computer system. The “uninstall” button is certainly greyed out. You simply click this and you are taken to a site that requires you to click to remove the pathogen. But you not necessarily done here. There is also a message at this time that says that eliminating this contamination may cause problems with other applications on your system.

What does this mean? Very well, many users will go ahead and check out this “uninstall” link in fear that their laptop will not function properly whenever they eliminate the virus. This kind of message afterward causes the pc to stop earning a living for a good couple of minutes. If you have been using the Internet for any period of time, you know how quickly that can happen. If you try to use your computer once again after the “uninstall” message has appeared, then you will be caused for the main element to remove the virus. Most people will struck the return key and are taken back to the Glass windows Start screen.

Now what Microsoft company is saying is the fact if you want to keep to use this antivirus computer software on your computer, then you need to re-install it. Yet , what they are likewise telling you is the fact if you want to stay to have the swiftest possible performance from your computer, then you have to keep the application from your computer. How exactly does this do the job? Well, basically, when you first set up the software onto your PC, a person’s really do anything at all. The virus only uses up some space on your computer, nevertheless once you uninstall it, everything that it had been doing will happen back.

The reason the anti-virus application leaves a few of its programs on your computer is that the system would not know how to remove them. It does not learn how to tell the operating system to just erase the virus rather than keeping it on the hard disk drive. This is why if you would like to enhance the efficiency of your COMPUTER, you need to ensure that you remove almost all traces of your antivirus application. You can do this employing a piece of software that was made specifically to get rid of most of these traces. Once you have deleted the virus, then you certainly will be left with a clean Windows registry that is ready Phishing Protection: How to Act Against Fake Emails and Suspicious Links to use.

As you can see, to become alarmed for you to still suffer since this is only going to make your computer a whole lot worse. There is a software on the Net that you can use to make certain that the strain is completely eradicated from your pc and that it is return down the road. No different antivirus program is as easy to use on your personal computer as zygor. The last thing that you might want is something diffrent to steal your data again, which can be what is apt to happen if you leave any traces of this antivirus application on your hard drive.


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